Objectives and Results

EduFootprint specific objectives and results

  • Promoting energy and resource efficiency through monitoring and reducing the environmental footprint of public school buildings in the MED area.
  • Strengthening of the SEAPs in the MED area and facilitating the achievement of their objectives.
  • Transferring the EduFootprint model of assessment and management of public buildings to increase energy efficiency in the MED area.

More specifically, EduFootprint will reach this aim by working, in the public school buildings context, with an innovative Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approach, and by reinforcing the capacities of public administrations to optimize energy planning measures through the elaboration and implementation of energy efficient practices in schools, integrated witht the local Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP).


The project aims to achieve the following results:

  • Environmental footprint calculator: Innovative model of assessment and management of school buildings allowing the reduction of their environmental footprint.
  • Strengthening of local SEAPs;
  • Energy Action plans for at least 61 public schools and university buildings;
  • Transnational Edufootprint network of schools;
  • Enhanced capacity of energy managers of public buildings;
  • Awareness raising and Energy behaviour change of school communities.