Ambiente Italia, partner of EduFootprint project, has developed a tool that allows calculating automatically the Environmental footprint of schools: EduFootprint Calculator.

The Calculator measures resource consumption and activities carried out in the school and converts this in the environmental impact due to the supply of resources and assimilation of waste generated.

It may help owners and manager of schools to identify the main environmental impacts of everyday activities and encourage progress towards more sustainable practices. It considers not just direct consumptions of building (as for instance, energy or water) but also other activities that have impacts on the environment linked to the school, for instance Mobility (from home to school but also due to educational trips and travel excursions).

EduFootprint Calculator is an Excel file with different worksheets; the main one is Data Entry, which is filled in with the data collected from schools, divided in five groups:

  • Building consumption (electric energy, thermal energy, water consumption)
  • Product consumption (paper products, stationery products, toilet and cleaning products, equipment, chemical used in labs, gardening)
  • Mobility (internal vehicles, home-school, travel excursions)
  • Food (canteen, cafeteria, dispensing machines)
  • End of life (wastes, wastewater)

These data allow generating, automatically, the impact of the school using the Life Cycle Assessment methodology, so, considering the full life cycle of educational activity, expressed as Environmental Footprint of the school.

The first version of the calculator was released, internally, in February 2017, and all partners were trained on how to use it. During a period of six weeks tests were made to correct some bugs and to have the final definitive 00 version, that it’s being used in the first phase of the project, working in pilot groups.