EduFootprint App

EduFooprint APP is ready: try it!

We are happy to announce that the EduFootprint App is ready and available for download following this address: (it can be also found at the Google play store, key words: edufootprint).

The EduFootprint App has been designed for citizens, particularly school communities. This App has been created to facilitate the active involvement of the school communities and other stakeholders.

Featuring the EduFootprint calculator, besides providing a brief description of the project, the EduFootprint App is an interactive tool for students and teachers that can be used to experiment with the evolution of the schools’ CO2 footprint when increasing or reducing specific parameters directly related to the consumption of energy and resources.

EduFootprint App is available in English for the mobile users with English version Android and also in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Albanian and Slovenian language for the users with national version of Android (language is automatically detected at the download process).