EduFootprint calculator

Final version ready for download!

Do you want to measure the Environmental Footprint of the educational service provided by your school? Download the calculator and follow the instruction to complete it!

Basically: collect data, enter them in the “Data entry” sheet and you will measure the Environmental Footprint given by 15 indicators. Each indicator is related to one student.

Downloading the calculator is easy: fill in the box with your surname, name and Organisation. The calculator will be sent to you by e-mail. Please consider that the calculators, being calibrated on specific national emission factors, can be used only by potential users belonging to the Countries involved in EduFootprint project: Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Greece, Albania and Italy. Moreover, the Italian users should refer to herewith attached Table to find the value of the degree-days relating to the Municipality where the School is located.

For more detailed information about the data to be collected and the methodology used, please read the “School Environmental Footprint Guidelines (SEFGs)” that you can find in the “project tools” in the EduFootprint platform: as well as in this website: